Miniature Oil-Wand Kaleidoscope Kit


The Miniature Oil-Wand Kaleidoscope Kit helps you create a small kaleidoscope with a big image! Outside, this kaleidoscope measures only 5/8” in diameter by 3” long. Inside, the image resembles exploding stars as the glitter in the oil-wand floats past the mirror system.

The kit contains a spiral brass tube, a Little Oil-Wand, a solid brass head to hold the wand, two small 0-rings, a brass eyepiece, 3 pieces of pre-cut front surface mirror, an optical lens, and complete instructions. All that is needed to complete this kit is epoxy glue–all other parts are included!

This unique kaleidoscope is made entirely from highly polished and lacquered brass. Additional Little Oil Wands are also available separately.