Back by popular demand!! The Image Wheel creates a rotating image chamber for your kaleidoscope by joining two glass wheels on either side of a grooved brass wheel. This design allows you to make a finished image generator in a matter of minutes to create beautiful images! Gems are not included in this ensemble but the axel pack is. The Image Wheel glues together in minutes (epoxy works well) or can be foiled and soldered together and can be filled with scraps of glass, beads, jewels, or just about anything.

The package includes one 2.5″ Brass or Chrome ring (9/16″ wide) 2 glass wheels that fit in the grooved inner ring, and a complete axel assembly. It mounts easily on the axle of Clarity’s Mini-Scope, Spiral-Scope, and Aeroscope, or can be mounted on your own kaleidoscope designs. The Image Wheel can be filled with Clarity’s Classic or Assorted Kaleido-Gems.