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  • Basic Stained Glass Kaleidoscope Kit The Stained Glass Kaleidoscope Kit makes a large kaleidoscope from stained glass and regular mirror. This is the only Clarity kaleidoscope kit that does not include front surface mirror--you cut regular mirror for this basic kit. This unique design has a 10” tapered viewing tube and two rotating hexagonal color wheels. Completed kit approx. 12" long. The kit contains the axle hardware, patterns, and instructions. (The stained glass, soldering supplies, and regular mirror are NOT included.) If you want to make more than one, Stained Glass Kaleidoscope Hardware contains the axle hardware alone without the patterns and instructions.
  • Book of Fans The Book of Fans offers a fan lamp design for every style of décor. It contains 50 full size patterns for stained glass fan lamps, 25 color photographs, and complete instructions. Fan Lamps can brighten up a dark corner in your bathroom or bedroom, and are especially attractive in Clarity’s Oak Fan Lamp Bases.
  • Art Glass Display Stand Metal Art Glass Display Stand Metal Art Glass Display Stand Display a variety of glass projects from a small fused tile to a large gallery piece! The innovative patent-pending design of the stand allows it to be used individually to hold glass panels from 4-6 inches, or used in pairs to hold glass panels from 8-14 inches, or circles from 8-10 inches.
  • The Solid Oak Fan Lamp Base displays and backlights your stained glass fan lamps or other projects. It measures 4” x 4” x 1¼” thick and is available with or without an electrical cord set. Available in both medium and light oak finishes, this item is great for back-lighting fan lamps, pedestal clocks, suncatchers, glass sculpture, etc!
  • The Pedestal Clock Kit helps you create a unique free-standing clock which looks great on a desk, table, mantel, or shelf. The kit contains 9 full size patterns for stained glass Pedestal Clocks, a solid Oak Fan Base, a 5” Brass Clock Face, a precision mini-quartz clock movement, a set of black clock hands, and complete instructions. (The stained glass and soldering supplies are NOT included.)
  • Pendulum Clock Kit The Pendulum Clock Kit helps you make an elegant octagonal pendulum clock out of stained glass! The kit contains 6 FULL SIZE clock patterns, a quartz pendulum movement, adjustable length rod and bob, and a set of brass clock hands. (Stained Glass, soldering supplies and wooden frame NOT included.) (7 inch Brass clock face with black hands shown sold separately and can be incorporated into the patterns.) For your own clock designs, the Pendulum Clock Pack can be purchased.